Sunday, 1 July 2018

Waterton, where nations and Provinces meet, and you can see it.

Waterton, where nations and Provinces meet, and you can see it.
In the parking lot there are no two cars with license plates from the same place.
It is hard to get “News” in a place so small, peaceful and calm. Perhaps it’s better if there is no news, considering what is going on in the rest of the world. I spent some time looking for locals who can tell me more about Waterton. They are hard to find. The place is full of people to the point where you have to wait to fit in line on the street, but it's all tourists. When you ask people who work in businesses, they are often summer workers or folks from the surrounding area. Eventually, I discovered a local. A wonderful, helpful person in an information booth. She was going out of her way to help, but couldn’t think of “news.”
At the Prince of Wales Hotel, a lady manager asked me if I had more copies of the first edition of the Waterton Herald since their International hotel company requested some for a Montana location. I went downtown, found some from last week and delivered them back to her. She hugged me and thanked me. So Waterton like. She told me that they are gearing up for Christmas in the summer on July 25th and that there will be a Soft Ball tournament between the Company’s Hotels in August. The most interesting part was that their business is up from last year.
A gentleman in a white helmet told me that the new parking lot by the Marina would open for Canada day, but some work will be completed after the summer. From my experience in business, I deduct that more parking spaces will bring more business. Strangely enough, it always happens.
If we get some advertising and continue the paper, I am considering writing about some news that could hypothetically happen in order to highlight the peacefulness of the place. There is no other like it, Canadian scenery that reflects Canadian values of peace and unity. Peace and harmony amongst people who come from all over this conflict-ridden world, and spend a few days together and exchange stories.
The picture is of a girl performer from Waterton Pow Wow. I don’t know her name. Her expression is portraying peace and pride, hope and determination.
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