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Who are those dangerous Immigrants crossing the borders?

Who are those dangerous Immigrants crossing the borders?
Almost every time I watch the news, listen to radio or read the paper, I observe fear. Fear is a great seller of news and a huge political motivator. The West is fearful of people invading and taking over. It is a valid concern and none of us wish to have other people take what we have. We still have collective memories of the European revolutions, guillotines and people storming the Bastille. We shouldn’t. If we are fair to people and view them as human beings, they will be more than happy to come here and learn our ways. History proves it.
I remember in the seventies when the women’s equal rights movements were starting; men were fearful of women taking their jobs. Some did and many didn’t. African Americans didn’t make life worst for us by being allowed to vote, people with turbans didn’t force us to speak Punjabi, Muslims didn’t make our courts chop the hands of thieves and most of us never seen a woman wearing a veil. At best some of us went to school with kids from China, India or the Philippines only to discover that they are humans as we are. We even learned that it doesn’t take seven Ukrainians to change a lightbulb and Newfies tie shoes with both hands.
European countries, even the ones who scream and cry about migrants, admit that their economies must have more people to grow and the US depends on immigration to keep its economy going. When Trump proposed to curtail immigration from the Orient, Silicon Valley in California, went berserk.
 I often go to visit my dad in a seniors lodge in Calgary and the staff are all immigrants and there is always a sign outside looking for more workers. I go out and visit some businesses around, and I find immigrant owners employing Canadian students and trying very hard to look and sound Canadian.
The USA is very much like Canada and doesn’t have as much natural resources. The main reason that the US are economically better than us is the fact that they have more people in the right environment. More people are working, paying taxes and consuming, providing more services causing economic prosperity. When people are given the freedom to work and benefit from their labor, they flourish. The US learned that fact earlier than we did.
This idea is not new by any means. In the 1880s Canada was advertising in Europe and the US, trying to lure people with promises of free land. It was during the Brian Mulroney era that immigration quotas increased and in 2006 the landing fee per immigrant was slashed by 50%. Both actions were taken by Conservatives who now are talking against accepting refugees since it is a popular thing to do.
In the United States today the president fights for a border wall, knowing full well that he will have to get immigrants from somewhere. His dream of getting people from Norway is not very realistic as are most of his dreams. Norway is presently welcoming immigrants and far less than 1% of immigrants from Norway come to either Canada or the US. Why would they leave a country with free healthcare, including pharma-care, free higher education, very low crime rate, hardly any incarcerated people and much more, to immigrate to North America?
People by nature fear the unknown and even try to kill it. This is obvious when it comes to insects. When I was young, you couldn’t find a person who would not kill any bee that they could catch. It took many years to convince ourselves that without bees there will be no people. The same goes for spiders (OMG) and just about any other living being, but it takes a long time to convince people of it.
Canada initially was populated by the two dominant nations of Europe at the time England and France. Not much effort was spent on inviting Francophones, but their numbers were compensated by a higher birth rate that now is rapidly diminishing. We exhausted our ability to bring Anglophones (1849 brought the most because of the Irish potato famine) and turned to other European countries. The eastern Europeans were most suitable to farming and settling our West. Those slowed down when Europe began to recover from wars and economic disasters like Communism, and we began looking farther east.
Now the dominant group is from the Philippines followed by India and China. Other war-torn countries even if you include Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and count both their refugees and legal applicants, are hardly registering on the scale. All the statistics are easily available on the internet.
The US now started to separate children from their immigrant parents in the cruelest possible way according to US Senator Jeff Merkley. Do we want to be like them or do we prefer the Canadian way?  Most of us here are immigrants, or our parents were, and we wave the Canadian flag and sing O Canada with a tear in our eyes. Do we want to support politicians who try to make us scared of immigrants or do we see ourselves as a nation that helps people in need?
I have a Nigerian friend named Chrisantus. He went through unbelievable suffering to become a Canadian and now he employs a number of Canadians and provides a much-needed service. In my opinion, he has done more for Canada in a short time than some people who are shouting on TV that we are being invaded with our government’s consent. We have a good immigration policy, obey international laws regarding refugees, and billions of people around the world use us as a good example. Be not afraid.
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An 1880 poster inviting people to Canada
Source: Wikipedia.

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