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Are you thrilled by fear? Here is a scary Halloween prophecy, Read on.

Are you thrilled by fear? Here is a scary Halloween prophecy, Read on.
A “caravan” of 7000 unarmed poor families, mostly from the central South American country of Honduras is walking towards the southern border of the USA. The most powerful army of the world is going to be deployed to “protect” US sovereignty and stop this “invasion.” Will they follow the example of their Israeli friends around Gaza and shoot?
An Israeli wrote: We were ordered to get in line into shooting position. Between “them” and us, were two fences and we were on top of a dirt berm with them (Palestinians) climbing the slope towards us. The “terrorists” looked just like people in the Jerusalem market, and they were shouting and running. I scanned through my Tavor scope locating a target and squeezed the trigger. The human body jerked and started sliding down arms stretched towards me. I saw the face for the first time. It was a girl with black braided hair about thirteen. Her fingers clawed at the dirt making little trenches all the way down until she disappeared from my scope. I remembered an old movie where a Nazi soldier was shooting my ancestors in Germany. The tears filled my eyes, and I couldn’t look through the scope again. I was battle-hardened now; I made my first kill.
Africa and South America have a lot in common. Both look triangular on the map, have archeological evidence of very advanced pre-historical civilizations, possess great amounts of natural resources and are populated by people with darker skins. Both are warm and have large areas that are very fertile, able to produce grains for food and grasses that support huge herds of cattle. Another triangular shape on the world map is India. Similar in most ways. Those are the places that were most exploited by Colonialism. If they were left unmolested there would not have been a Caravan of thousands walking to the USA today nor would there have been an armada of rickety boats floating, hipped with migrants towards Europe. I could easily prove the point, but it would take a couple of books which you don’t have time to read.
South America is rich, and the people may be uneducated, but they are smart. Look at those who have been assimilated into Canadian society. South America is maintained as a source for North America’s wealth. They often tried to gain some form of independence but failed miserably. Where they did, soon they were beaten back by military coups and by corruption from within. Such is the case now in Venezuela. Recently world attention has been highlighted on the plight of El Salvador by the canonization of the assassinated Archbishop Oscar Romero.
What you see today is only a slight indication of what there is to come, some in the lifetime of young people who are now old enough to read these words. We know how the world was when I was a child, know the rate it has changed and can calculate how much it will change in another fifty years if all stays the same. It's elementary my dear readers. Barring a major shift in human behavior, by the year 2040 we may see, not a few thousand migrants begging admission to the advanced nations, but tens of millions desperate human beings, some very technologically savvy, fighting frantically to find dry land to live on. You can see on the news what one desperate “terrorist” can do, multiply it by many millions.
We may be able to slow the tide a bit with the new short and medium-range nuclear missiles that Trump just ordered, but not for long. Who will be the soldiers ordered to fire those weapons? All soldiers know that the crews who dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki died of insanity.
Today you see political parties building their election platforms on cutting taxes and fighting the hated carbon tax. What a joke that is, a dangerous fib based on the ignorance of TV educated voters. People who are devoting most of their time to study scores of professional sports teams and ratings of popular Reality Shows don’t have time to study world events and elude themselves that if taxes were reduced they could “travel” more or rent storage space for accumulating more junk.
The truth is much different. In order to stem our damaging atmospheric pollution and bring it to manageable levels, we must have a much higher Carbon Tax and not give the money back to the voters. That money is only a small portion of what is needed for paying the price of just rebuilding what is being currently destroyed by the changing climate. Taxes can’t go down while we borrow money to keep our standard of living where most human work is performed by energy extracted from the earth. We must bring back the level of taxation that was normal before Reagan, Mulroney, Fletcher, and the rest of the Right wingers who falsely believed in the hoax of trickle-down economics. Those were the years we refer to now when we say “make America great again.” I remember it and so do all the people who are my age. We had problems but nothing in comparison with what is coming.
The train is going towards the cliff, and it ain’t slowing down………………….

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