Sunday, 11 August 2019

Life is Change.

Life is Change.

The only constant in our universe is change. There is nothing that we can point at that doesn’t change, either fast or slow. There is no way to prevent change. We wish for peace and security and the tranquility of staying one way, but it doesn’t exist. There is never even one instance in a life in which change stops. If the change is satisfactory we thank God, universe or the stars, or the other way around; “God, why me?” However, we do not truly want to exist without change. We spend this whole life on making efforts to grow, expand, and change what we can change. I was dirt at one time, became a human that grew eating what comes from the dirt, and I will be dirt again. I say “I” referring to my body. In Hebrew, we are called sons of dirt which later was translated into the sons of man which is the same thing.

Watch children or young adults. If they have straight hair, they curl it or curly hair they straighten it. If they are short, they try to look taller, and you get the picture. In America, they try to be rugged individuals and in Orient; they try to conform and not stand out. You may have a hard time finding a human who is just happy with the way he or she is and is not putting all of their efforts to effect change. The most coveted thing in life is the ability to make our own choices and we are willing to fight for the freedom to choose.

Progress to humans means changing the world to give humans more pleasure and less work. We do that with disregard for the natural systems which nourished us. Even within our own society we constantly try to climb upon each other and reach the top first. People of one race try to subjugate the other races and those possessing some technical or economic advantage use it to take away what others have and need. The easiest thing to convince people is the notion that they are somehow superior. Yet, if we kill all the insects on Earth it will not survive for five years, but if we remove humans, the earth will flourish. I look and I don’t know if to have compassion or pity.

In the beginning, humans had to be very smart to survive. No natural weapons like teeth or claws, no speed, wings or other natural protections aside from intellect and imagination. From the beginning to recent history humans honed intellect until learning to harness Earth’s resources to do their work. The promise has been fulfilled, and we filled the Earth. Now arrives another chapter unexpectedly. Two promises that collide with each other. A divided road with an obscured ending.

There is a promise for eternal life which humanity is not yet ready for. It is based on our ability to ignore the material and convert to the spiritual. The other long-awaited promise is for a Judgment Day. This one is in progress already and the tools are in place. Men in response to greed and hunger for power set in motion the course to self-destruction and termination of human life and culture. All the necessary tools are in our hands and we can choose. Relatively quick extermination by super-efficient killing weapons or slow destruction by altering God's plan without having an alternative plan. The process is unfolding as we speak, and greed prevents us from stopping it.

What fascinates us is how much power do we have over directing change. It is obvious that we human beings can take action and bring about changes that will make a difference. We can grow food instead of looking for what may be available as other primates do. We also believe that we can invoke higher powers to act on our behalf. For thousands of years, people have been praying and making sacrifices in an attempt to convince God or Gods to intervene in their lives. It is easy to find people who witnessed evidence that it works. I believe that prayers work. Others dismiss the notion citing evidence to the contrary.

To me, the only important aspect of this life is the survival of my species. Against all odds, we survived and developed a wonderful culture that can flourish on earth and even spread into the rest of the universe. I see beauty and wisdom in humans, a real kinship with that which we call God. Possibly we are here for a purpose beyond just surviving as other creatures do.

This generation believes in science, but only when it is convenient. We have used science to develop wonderful technologies and we have the means to make life heavenly or destroy it. The level of success depends on the stories which we believe, which seem to create our reality.

After a lengthy investigation, after examining the religions that I could, including science, I drew a conclusion for myself. If people are willing to follow the instructions of what we know as Christianity, excluding the history, dogmas and other attachments, it can produce a nearly perfect human world. Other religions can also work but I will concentrate on this one.

If we use our stories and focus on two main items, our descendants will gain the promised future that we all strive for. The two most important items on this menu for life are, take care of creation and love each other as yourself. To do that, we first have to overcome the temptation to use all which the earth can provide for selfish gain. It is not a question of politics or even economics; it is morality leading to survival.

That’s all.

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Saturday, 20 July 2019

 People who forgot to die.  

I see people all around me milling around trying to survive, get a better deal or discover the hidden meaning of life. I met a very old person at the town Post Office and stopped for a chat. Often the older people are lonely even when they have extended family and friends. When they are old and have more needs than things to give they are lonely and feel left out. An older person doesn’t move fast enough for the mainstream and is not taken seriously.

This older man was a respectable member of our community and left his mark but now felt left out and unable to cope with the modern world. The things he did in his youth were forgotten and he could not cope with the latest technological changes which could have made his life easier. I don’t feel that I am alive he said; I feel like I am just existing. He looked at me through a cloudy gray eye and a tear rolled down on his weathered cheek making its way to his big nose where he wiped it with his sleeve, sniffled and set his face tough.

I lived in a different society at one time. We valued the old people for their vast knowledge and often asked them what should be done. There were only a few old people around who survived to very old age and their stored knowledge was considered important. It has changed. Now we view them as surplus in this throwaway society and keep them safe and out of the way.

There are some other kinds of old people around who remain in the mainstream. My teenage grandson calls them the “people who forgot to die.” They are not genius and don’t produce miracles. They just keep themselves viable by doing something that gives them a sense of purpose and they never quit fighting.

I feel like I need a shot of wisdom so I stop at my local barbershop. The proprietor is as old as my dad and he works every day. At seven in the morning, there is already a lineup, and it remains so until after lunch. The price for an excellent haircut is the same as forty years ago and each customer receives personal attention. It is not a business for old people since there are lots of youth and children waiting. This old man doesn’t advertise or take appointments. He simply works hard, does a good job and charges a fair price.

From the Barbershop, I head to a seamstress to shorten a pair of pants. She has her business in a cozy little mobile home and likes to talk about her past. I can’t stay long since there are people behind me carrying material and notions. It is nearing Grad time and young folks need new dresses.

I drive over to the dry cleaners to drop some drapes for cleaning and I am met by a person nearing Ninety. He is smiling and knows his business well. His is one of the oldest businesses in town. Later I pass by his home and see him mowing his lawn. Another example of people who are too busy to give up on life.

Why is it that some folks are merely existing and wishing for a swift end, while others are still in the mainstream doing what they always did? Is it a special diet or possibly the pure mountain air and water? There are many possible explanations so I pick one that is closer to my heart. People live or die depending upon what they believe.

The people I am looking at are useful to their neighbors, community or town. I watch others who lost their drive for life. Some times they lost their mate and gave up on life. I can sympathize. Others fell onto the conveyor belt of life and are carried on without resistance.

As our medical skills improve people can live longer. Some folks live much longer than what was average a hundred years ago. Unfortunately, expectations rarely changed and folks begin to plan death far too early. Society is expecting some steps to happen and dreams often become the reality. I have seen people who had no reason to quit being useful say, I will leave things for the younger generation, make themselves surplus, get sick and die. Others also got sick, changed some habits, got cured and found ways to be useful. They have no time to take steps which bring them towards death.

We dream about retirement years before it happens and set our lives up to be carefree. We get our pension, quit all commitments, travel, play golf, or something else and enjoy. All our lives we waited for weekends and holidays and now it’s a way of life. We downsize, do condo living, move to assisted living, submit to long care and die in a hospital bed. It's all pre-scheduled and falls into place automatically. The body follows our expectations and beliefs, or does it?

I think that the subconscious mind controls most of what we believe to be “reality” since the creative power of God is in it. It has laws and limits and its full of surprises, but it has great power. I think a human doesn’t have to give up on life unless they want to. If they do, for whatever reason, nature will create the circumstances. The earthly creature in the image of God is not an insignificant victim unless it agrees to be so and we do.

This article is not offering medical advice or religious direction, only entertainment designed to provoke deeper thinking. Happiness, I believe, is in our hands at any age.

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Sunday, 14 July 2019



Pain is my closest companion. It has been my constantly with me for all of my long life. I can’t imagine life without it, even if I try as hard as I can. People believe that after death there is another form of existence, in the kingdom of God, and there- will be no pain. I can’t imagine how I could exist without pain or the fear of pain. Would I be able to enjoy existence without pain? What will be there if there is no pain? Enjoyment is the product of contrast.

I had my first surgery when I was a one-year-old. I can’t remember it but later I had the same surgery again so I know what it is like. A lot of pain. As far as I can remember there was always a pain. Accidents, health issues, toothaches, and punishment. In my childhood teaching was done with the rod and I remember it clearly. The memory of being subjected to corporal punishment is more vivid in my mind than all else. I will spare you the gory details but try to imagine the worst and then double it.

Now I live with chronic pain, the results of a surgery that didn’t work out as expected (I took a chance) and can’t be corrected. I believe that I am addicted to my subscribed treatments and I fear life without it. I know others in that predicament and I wonder. Could the pain be around for nonphysical reasons? I have investigated a phenomenon called the placebo effect and it works both positively and negatively.

Sir Winston Churchill wrote in his book Young Winston about him and his classmates being caned for not behaving in school. It was one of the worst experiences that the old statesman could remember. In some countries even today the court can sentence people to lashes, whippings, and canings. It was not long ago that in Great Britain they had the “rule of thumb.” A husband could not legally punish his wife by beating her with a rod thicker than his thumb. Now we evolved and are horrified when we hear about torture.

During the cold war, we used to hear about the Communist countries using torture to punish or extract information. Many stories about Nazi Germany discussed scenes of torture and the West was portrayed as civilized since here we didn’t use torture. The theory was that you can make a human confess to anything by administrating pain, which is true. This changed in the US under President Bush’s administration and was endorsed by presidential candidate Trump saying that he will use a lot more than waterboarding. What we deemed to be civilized has taken a step back.

We are all aware of the culture of the Roman Empire thanks to our religious beliefs. People went beyond all limits in an orgy which included crucifixions and being entertained by watching innocent Christian families fed to hungry lions and cheering their pain. The pain of others became the joy of some. Sadism and masochism dominated a social order.

It is common knowledge that the internet profits tremendously from porn. A big portion of porn is depicting men physically abusing women and often inflicting pain. A fair amount of literature has been devoted to supposedly consensual erotic torturing of women. There is a very famous Talk Show Host on trial who apparently caused pain to women for his sexual pleasure.

Without pain, humans and other creatures don’t survive long. It is needed as a warning system but it's not welcomed since it reminds us about death. We are a society which makes futile efforts to avoid death yet never wins the fight. As far as I know, most people die in hospitals while professionals try to save their lives.

My experience and longtime interest indicate that pain often is connected to psychological reasons. I maintain that the physical follows the non-material and not the other way around. It is hard to explain but easy to investigate and prove. A human has unresolved issues in life and soon develops a sickness and pain. Let me demonstrate.

I was immobilized in a hospital bed next to a wonderful elderly lady who had a history of severe pain and numerous hospitalizations. She was crying so I gently inquired. I have a little house she told me and a little pension that keeps me. She makes native artwork out of beads. My kids and grandkids come to visit me often she said and I love them, but they stay long and mess all my things up and I can’t fix it. The only time it doesn’t happen is when I am sick or in the hospital. She had very real health issues but the reason for the illness could be traced to her environment.

I think that many of our illnesses and pains are a response to some situations which we can’t deal with. Our medical system is designed to deal with the symptoms not the causes of the symptoms.

Personally, I only know life with pain and find it hard to believe that some people live without it. I abhor those who inflict pain as punishment, as a way to force others to do things, or as a way to receive sexual gratification. In my reality, the worst people are those who subject many others to pain, sickness or painful poverty, for self-gain. Sickness and pain are often the consequence of other problems and I recommend early intervention by exercising a “love your neighbor as yourself” attitude throughout life. We had the cure which is love and caring for two thousand years but failed to use it. It’s a good time to reevaluate.

Please note: I welcome comments, arguments, and additional information privately and publicly.

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Monday, 8 July 2019

Magic, the power of belief.

Magic, the power of belief.

I had a heart to heart talk with my grandson who just graduated from grade two. I was trying to impress him with the idea that we can become good at anything if we learn and practice. He said that he was tired of practicing and wanted to quit after achieving moderate minimal results. What are you good at Emmet, I asked? “Pretending” was his honest answer. I felt like screaming. How can this young generation be so wrong? Yet I can’t be so sure that they are wrong and I am right. I remember doing it myself. Some people “specialize” while others prefer to be generalists. Both are human.

My grandchildren do things very different from what I used to do. They spend a great amount of time in front of screens, computers, tablets cell phones and occasionally TVs. Often it looks to me as if they are abandoning reality in favor of playing games on a flat tiny screen and pretending that it is a reality. Just about all of what I thought was important is unimportant to them. Their favorite outing is going to a place where kids play Virtual Reality. They are fitted with goggles and earphones, their hands hold controls and they move alone in a carpeted cubicle seeing things that I can’t see.

I have been studying matters of belief my whole life. All of our past is drenched in wisdom based on belief. It is in religion, philosophy, psychology, and everything else. I get a feeling that physical reality is based on thoughts and conviction. My reality is often different from your reality depending on our thoughts. We learn thoughts from each other, from society or from an inner source. We believe what is to us the truth, and to our amazement discover that it is not the truth to someone else. It is possible that an eight-year-old is correct and an eighty-year-old is wrong.

Thoughts, which are tiny electrical messages, create a variety of realities in the same place and at the same time. It can be created in a positive or attractive way or the other way, negative and unpleasant. “Thought often creates that upon it is directed.” It was Job who said, “For the thing which I greatly feared has come upon me” and he was right. You probably know from your own experience people who are led by a variety of fears and what they fear materializes in their lives. Dark magic I call it, but I have seen evidence that there is also white magic.

What happens in a person’s life often is the outcome of beliefs that sunk into the subconscious mind and in a mysterious way becomes part of his or her reality. Past generations noticed the fact and devised ways to use it. You may know people who try to change the future by reciting some words and repeating them many times. Some call it mantras or meditations. You definitely are aware of the power of marketing and advertising. Any lie can become truth if you hear it enough times said, Adolph Hitler.

We have evidence that humans believed in spirits, souls, mind, or simply subconscious for thousands of years. Nicola Tesla believed in spirituality but somehow saw a connection to high electrical frequency. Pretending is a children’s game. Adults do visualization and play with the intensity, frequency, emotional quality, and power of thoughts achieving results. I remember being a child and hearing stories about the use of Voodoo dolls.

There are also people who use physical means to influence supernatural forces. The western civilization discovered Yoga not very long ago, but it existed for thousands of years. Yoga is a name for “union” connecting participants to the divine. Dr. Alan Watkins became famous by teaching people how to use physiology to change feelings, thinking and ultimately behaviors. No-one knows how but there is a relationship between physical existence and spiritual forces.

The essence of life exists beyond the physical which can be detected by our built-in senses. It is felt by most people. Instruments can measure electrical impulses and physiological reactions but the thought is independent and exists forming emotions which influence our living environment that we call “reality.”

In my earlier life, we needed most of our energy to focus on survival and we had to learn, practice and sweat, to have food, shelter and all other means of survival. Now we are entering a new age. The work which produces sweat on our brows is diminishing and the pain associated with childbearing is becoming a choice. Some old covenants are noticeably changing and we are playing with powerful old forces that are new to humankind.

This is an age where people have to use mental abilities, use sense of justice and believe in powers superior to material existence or give the earth back. The Earth will remain but humans are optional.

Like a child, I try to pretend. I can still do it, but it’s hard to pretend with every aspect of the soul and the body that it controls. It can’t be done by force, only by creating a true belief. Do I create a reality with my beliefs? The latest discoveries in physics indicate that it could be. The tiniest particle of matter reacts to a human observer. The same basic building blocks of matter copy each other over great distances. 

I spent a lifetime learning and practicing what others have learned and practiced. Emmet wants to pretend and make up his own story so I am attempting to teach him what I know. You must pick something and become good at it. At the back of my mind, I hear a teacher from two thousand years ago saying that we must learn our faith from little children. Is it possible that I am wrong, and my grandson is right?

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Sunday, 23 June 2019

Pipeline politics and elections.


Pipeline politics and elections.

I am a Canadian by choice. Over fifty years ago I stood in front of a judge and swore allegiance to a country that I chose of my free will and I never regretted it. I spent my whole time as a Canadian in Alberta.

If other Canadians fear our heavy crude oil, flowing over their land I am not separating from Canada. There is danger in the solvents we use with the oil and people are simply scared. Perhaps the “war room” should check and educate people, if they have a solution.

Alberta was much smaller when I came (1967) and with the oil boom (liquid oil at the time) and new opportunities, the population increased while the economy changed. The young people from little rural centers migrated into growing cities and many new people from other parts of Canada moved in. My city, Calgary quadrupled in size completely disregarding the obvious signs that oil could not sustain us forever. Some folks tried to build other more sustainable economic developments but were crushed by governments who only pushed oil.

I remember Sprung Green Houses which supplied us with fresh vegetables winter and summer. Oil contaminated the soil underneath the greenhouses and leached into the produce. Another example was the windy ridge in Cowley. A German company offered to build wind energy generation free if only they could tie into the grid and the Provincial Government wouldn’t allow them to do it for years.

Now the big deal is “pipelines” and we have two fights on the go. One is fighting legislation for environmental protection, which most Canadians are demanding. We, supposedly want lax or no regulations but the voters say otherwise. The other fight is about forcing provinces to allow transport of bitumen through their territory, again against strong opposition.

People in other provinces are well aware of the economic benefits of the oil. I went to the trouble of listening to some. Most of us in Alberta prefer to say that other Canadians only wish to put us down and deny us prosperity. The person I talked with had another argument.

The way others see it is that what we are exporting now is not oil which you pump and sell but liquified tar which must be mined and converted into a liquid. They don’t understand why we are making such a great effort to convert the solid fuel instead of exploring and building cleaner energy sources when it’s obvious that we must do so anyway, eventually.

Now with the federal government approving the project, the only recourse of those opposed is to protest. Opposing unjust laws in a democracy is not a crime but often a duty. (Martin Luther King.) Some aboriginal nations and many young people consider disregarding nature unjust. The Alberta Premier is expecting the Federal government to use force to protect the oil companies prosperity against objections from native tribes, but will he feel the same if a whole lot of white kids show up with signs? It remains to be seen. They are not “a tiny minority of foreign founded job killing protesters,” they are our kids and grandkids. This is why Conservatives didn’t build the pipeline.

We have witnessed such a protest at Standing Rock in North Dakota two years ago. Aboriginal tribes from all over the Americas put their bodies on the line and stopped a pipeline development for a long time. Many others including a large group of veterans joined the protest supporting them. The main concern, pipelines leaking into the water. We are now at the stage in history when fresh water is a short commodity and the predicted water wars are around the corner.

While we are in the age of oil wars, water wars have begun and the new test humans face is not only for cheap energy but for life-sustaining water.

We are trying to get jobs by supporting pipelines and trying to sell our oil. If we win, it will give us a little more time but it is obvious that there is so much oil now that the prices are falling. A war may change it for a short while but many will die.

Today I see thirty million of my tax dollars invested in a “War Room” to fight against most of the world’s scientists. We will spend more fighting against two passed laws protecting the environment. Additional money will be spent to fight the Nursing Union in an effort to reduce their pay and break a signed contract. More money is removed from the budget by tax reductions to corporations who would fail if they paid taxes at the rate the rest of us pay. At the same time, we are fighting their fight against people like us who are losing homes and property to fires and floods and voting to stop the danger. I am told that we Albertans are in favor of leaving Canada to help international investors, but I am not.

I can’t afford to fly around as my Premier does and I don’t even own one expensive suit like he is wearing, but I object as loud as I can. I like to live in a Province that helps all its citizens achieve good comfortable lives by producing what people want to buy not by selling what I want to sell. I want safety, comfort, and security for me and those around me, by doing an honest day’s work.

In my humble opinion, the prosperity for all Albertans that will follow a pipeline is nothing but a pipe dream. Any gains we will make will be spent on fixing damages from floods and forest fires. Instead of paying lawyers and War Rooms, I would spend on greenhouses that produce food, on wind and solar farms and high-level energy research. For that, we need well educated, healthy population which comes from investing in education, health care, and infrastructure. 


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Sunday, 16 June 2019

Who is watching News?

Who is watching News?

One thing I do is watch the news from around the world. It is a luxury I couldn’t afford in my younger days, not that I wanted to. For a long time, I had the attitude of many and considered the news depressing. I felt that the world will do what it does if I watch it or not. It did, and I lived in my own little world attempting to worry only about my own problems. There were family issues, community, health, and payments. The prevailing attitude was why should I worry about the things I cannot change? And a whole lot of us didn’t. 

I was a teenager in the sixties when my group of people were changing the entire world and rebellion was the norm. We caused changes like never before if you exclude the major revolutions. Black people got the vote, women became equal and consumer protections arrived to mention a few. In my life, there was even a bigger change than most since my parents started a new life in faraway Canada much different from where I grew up. Just keeping up with the changes was a task and a half. Getting started, learning the language and finding my way proved to be a full-time job. 

This lasted for a long time and the world was there but I didn’t feel that I could change it. The sixties became history and my generation quieted down and settled in. Many millions of us, the Baby Boomers left our early idealism and joined the mainstream. We honestly believed that the changes which we caused would fix the world and bring a period of peace and prosperity for all. We have been wrong. Prosperity came to a few at the expense of the many. There were some improvements, but some were short-lived and quickly disappeared. 

I watch the news and see a new fight brewing not only in my community or country but all over the world. While we were dormant, a minority seeks to dominate the majority and have been working hard under many banners. There is no such thing as freedom, democracy, equality, fairness, institutionalized and enshrined forever. It is in human nature to try to win to the point where those who lose suffer, and the winners enjoy the pain of those rendered helpless. It is a sad reality. Each generation must fight for its own rights and freedoms. There is a flaw in the human’s nature which makes it impossible for all of us to enjoy a good life equally. 

I am a historian trained to notice trends and cycles of human civilization. I see a rise of one kind of mammal species called humans spreading upon a world. Those who excel in using technology are dominating all others and the gap grows. Some humans develop cultures and take over others making great achievements. The Egyptians under kings named Pharaohs enslaved neighboring nations, such as the Hebrews, harnessing their labor to build cities and pyramids. The first evidence of “freedom fighters” or “terrorists” entered history. 

The Hebrew slaves felt abused and with the help of a God whose name is “I am” terrorized the Egyptians and broke for freedom. This is the story that never ends and fills the news even today. Ignoring it doesn’t make it go away. One after the other great civilizations conquered weaker nations always subjugating large populations and taking advantage until others arrive. 

Today on the news I see a million people in Hong Kong demonstrating against the newest bully on the block, China. In the Middle East, the United States seems to make an effort to start a war against Iran and Great Britain is up in arms for or against leaving the European Union. The new rich Chinese surpassed the new rich Russians in buying our best real estate. In America, a president is barely hanging to his own position and Canada is trying to keep its own economy while outside forces are nibbling around the edges. In all of those prosperous countries, there are few people who are doing very well while the great majority are losing grounds and are in a fighting mode. Pharaoh and the Hebrews come back to mind. 

The world of humans has not changed. We have a longer life span, most of our physical work can be eliminated by the use of technology, but we face shortages of critical commodities such as fresh water, air and even the prospect that we will lose the land we live on because of atmospheric changes. The billions of people who are not on top of the pile are worried about losing not only their freedom but the ability to sustain their own lives. Not watching the news doesn’t help. 

Again I review my priorities, this time not from a youngster point of view, but harnessing a long life’s experience. I fought my wars, raised a family, and built up a bit of security for old age. Should I be concerned about the news or even care about a future which I may never see. Should I risk turmoil when I am expected to rest and wait for society to take care of me as my body becomes dilapidated and my mind is expected to deteriorate as many often do? Isn’t it the way of the world for the old to give way to the young and assume a supportive role? 

Those are hard questions and there is no room for error. If I give up the time for pleasure which I worked so hard to secure in favor of fighting, the rest period, retirement will not come back. I grind my teeth and watch the news, not only the canned version on my television but the less-known news available on the internet. I let my fingers dance on the computer keys and produce articles and letters intended to change things, and I don’t look back. 

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Sunday, 9 June 2019

Another bloody D Day could happen, or worst.

Another bloody D Day could happen, or worst.

I grew up with those who fought and survived the last “Great” war. The only people I knew as a child who weren't veterans were those with numbers tattooed on their arms, survivors of concentration camps. All of them told stories about their time with the partisans in every country of Europe. I remember sitting on the farm with my mom, dad was in the army, and hearing canons and explosions. I remember the next war when a new teacher came and told us that the old teacher was a hero and will not come back and a few girls cried. We the guys were too tough to cry, we talked about revenge. I remember all of us kids looking up to see planes in the sky, while waiting to go into bomb shelters and someone says, those are ours, don’t worry.

I sit with my wife in our comfortable Canadian living room watching the evening news. Its D Day 75 years later. The memories are far behind and it doesn’t look like we may have to endure what the people on D Day had to suffer, but one never knows. I am very sorry for those soldiers who reportedly “gave their lives for freedom and democracy.” A lot of them wrote their last letter back home to Canada and died a painful death on the beaches of Normandy the next day. Many young chaps were still wondering what it would have felt like to get their first kiss, which never came.

I feel the same sorrow for the other soldiers who equally gallantly faced them, in German or other uniforms and suffered the same fate. We don’t celebrate them since they lost the war. The German soldiers didn’t have a better idea of why they died then our soldiers did. They just bled and died often thinking about mommy and daddy and life on the farm. The soldiers on both sides of a conflict rarely have any idea why they “gallantly give their lives.” I took many years to find out and I am still searching.

On the TV screen, we are watching The President of the great empire of this generation, a man claiming proudly that he is German, with his first lady who is Russian, seated beside the aging Monarch of last generation’s Empire. Behind them clustered are our Prime Minister and other heads of states, including the Chancellor of today’s Germany.

That war which killed so many young people whose graves are marked by white crosses was not a fight between Germans, Brits, Canadians, and Americans as well as others, it was a war between ideologies. It could have easily been prevented and all those boys and girls could have lived good lives and contribute to human advancement.

one must remember that history is written by the victors and none of them wish to be burdened by the truth. They win so good writers produce the history we learn to love. Those who lost may have a chance next time.

If any of you wish to learn some untold histories read the book The Untold History of the United States by Oliver Stone and Peter Kuźnik. Here you see strange facts, verified, which would assault your sense of right and wrong. Who would have known that American companies like GM IBM and Ford helped Germany re-arm enabling Hitler to wage the war? Does anyone know that it was against the law at the time for Germany to re-arm? Can people deny that there is a photograph of the German Führer in his office with a portrait of the famous Henry Ford above his desk? No, we can’t. In reality, American manufacturers sued their own government for bombing their factories in Germany during the war. Prescott Bush was a good friend with the German elite and later his relatives became presidents. American manufacturers largely financed and created the German war machine that the US fought against on D Day. The financiers didn’t storm the beach in Normandy, but there were some benefits.

The big industries were interested in profits, but even more, enthused over the possibility of destroying the then young Soviet Union. They didn’t care much that the Soviets were exploiting their own population horribly but were afraid that Communism would spread. After all, the Socialists of Russia were against big business and did so violently.

Germany at the time followed a popular leader (Austrian) of a Fascist persuasion and it was preferable to Communism. The war raged and the great powers of the world were all weakened and in need of American support. The timing was important and America was on the way to becoming the most powerful nation on Earth, but there was dissension within. America had to change its way with its own people or risk a revolution itself and only one leader predicted it and had a plan. That was Theodore Roosevelt. This is another interesting chapter in History.

Back to 2019, and we see the last of the very old veterans from the D Day invasion being honored by their countries and they publicly state. They miss their comrades and lament that they missed their chance to live. They observe the world and say we may be heading again towards a similar disaster.

A German American who is displaying Fascist tendencies is thanking the old veterans for their service visibly uninterested, and the pipes wail with the thin golden trumpet finishing the show. Silence follows. Our young people must wonder. Are we finished making mistakes that cost the lives of our youth? Or are we heading towards the last showdown from which no-one will come alive? Is there a new F. D. Roosevelt in the crowd?

Life is Change.

Life is Change. The only constant in our universe is change. There is nothing that we can point at that doesn’t change, either fast o...