Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Pleasure, or Paradise

 Pleasure, or Paradise
Happy Thanksgiving to our American friends.
On November 18th President Trump toured the remains of the burnt town of Paradise with California’s governor Jerry Brown. The emphasis of the visit was to commit Federal aid to the victims of the huge, unprecedented fires that are ravaging places like California, British Columbia and even parts of Alberta. It is clear to most people that the wave of fires devastating our forests is a direct result of a warming atmosphere, but not supported by those who own and profit from the sales of fossil fuels. Mr. Trump obviously believes in Global Warming since an application to build a retaining wall around Trump’s Irish Golf Corse was filed, but it seems that he doesn’t care about the rest.
The subject of Global Warming which is, unfortunately, a political hot potato, was mysteriously left unmentioned on the official news. Instead, the President was trying to promote the idea that we Canadians are already using, minimal fire suppression prevention by clearing dead wood from forests adjacent to cities and towns. He fabricated a discussion with Finland's President about the Finns being a forest nation and raking the forest’s floor.
The Finnish people responded by making a number of YouTube videos showing them vacuuming the forests, sweeping tree trunks and raking dead trees. The whole world is laughing and crying at the same time since most people do care about the future of organized human civilization on planet Earth.
Anyone watching the interview will notice that the greatest President ever, (his estimation) forgot the name of the devastated town he was standing in. He couldn’t remember the name “Paradise,” so he replaced it with what he thinks Paradise is, “Pleasure.” After saying it twice on National TV, an aid corrected him, but too late. Everyone knows what Mr. Trump does for pleasure.
Gold plated surroundings, porn stars, private jets, grabbing women or surprising young Miss World candidates in their dressing rooms, its all been on the news over the years. My article is a way too short even just to list what “the leader of the free world” considers pleasure to be. The only thing we didn’t know is that he thinks that Pleasure and Paradise are synonymous and now we do.
Just about everyone I know believes that if you lead a good life someday, you will die and go to Heaven or Paradise in some languages. Mr. Trump thinks that Paradise is pleasure, but the Bible is very clear about it. Those who receive or grab their rewards in this life should not expect to be in the Kingdom of the Father since they already took their rewards. This story leads me to try and figure out what Paradise is. What is it that we die to get into?
I am not a theologian nor a religious leader of any sort, so I am free to express my own opinion, and it is different than Mr. Trump’s. I think that Heaven is the same as the world I see, which is very beautiful, where it’s not yet damaged,  but with a different attitude. In my version of Paradise, there are no people who climb on each other to get pleasure, therefore there are no people on the bottom being climbed upon. There are no people in Paradise making themselves look more beautiful, so no-one is considered ugly. There are no gourmet meals, so no people are going hungry. The list is long.
My Paradise is a place where love is natural and selfishness is un-natural. Competition is our way of increasing productivity and beating the competition is our main aim in this life.  I believe that we should compete amongst ourselves to be the first in giving, not in receiving. Love by itself is useless. The only love that we appreciate is love returned. It is a “built-in mechanism,” and the reason of creatures created male and female. Mr. Trump can try all he wants to love himself, but he will not get the ultimate pleasure that is only available from someone else honestly loving him, on earth or in paradise.
People always fight for freedom. We wish to make our own mistakes regardless of the cost. We resent anyone making a profit on us or what we consider ours. Yeshua tried to tell us that it’s not important. He even gave his body for us, but we didn’t get the message. In this life, we never have enough, so we think that in the next we will have more. Actually, we will have nothing in Heaven, not even the garments we wear which mostly set us apart in so many ways. It is all in the education. People must understand how useless material things are. Our great teacher wants us to love one another since then we will all have love. You can love others as you love yourself, not really love yourself.
Mr. Trump said many things that harmed his reputation, and I assume that he will say much more. He can convince simple minded people that making money is the most important thing on earth, but he can’t give people the simple pleasure that is derived from one creature signaling “thank you” to another.

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