Thursday, 16 August 2018

I am so upset with the government I can’t keep it to myself.

I am so upset with the government I can’t keep it to myself.
The whole scandal with the Saudi Arabia kingdom is so upsetting to me. It was unnecessary. Since when do government officials conduct foreign policy on Twitter and expect good results? Did our diplomats go to Trump University to learn diplomacy? If they did, they should have got their money back when he lost a lawsuit and was forced to return student’s tuitions.
I am all for standing up to bullies and human rights abusers, but I like to do it in a less damaging way. We could have called the Saudi ambassador and tell him our concerns as per proper protocol, couldn’t we? No, we had to upset the very rich and very sensitive young prince instead, and upset he is. He is pulling his citizens off the operating tables, in Canadian hospitals, recalling his students from here and canceling flights that are good business for his airline company. Ouch.
Now I am forced to look at the consequence of the offending Tweet and examine the damage. We are dealing with the most oppressive regime in the Middle East. A country which Bin Laden came from and most of the terrorists from 9/11 were born in. A kingdom that beheads people, mutilates or crucify people, and so far doesn’t let women drive or go shopping without a male companion even when covered with a burka. (Not written in the Koran) We are protesting that they arrest our citizens for criticizing their backward ways and we are the only one to do so.
They have money and oil and very powerful allies in the Whitehouse. The President was doing a Sword Dance with the Sheiks and Princes on live television less than a year ago. I bet he got to keep the jeweled sword too.
Should our government have provoked them? What would be the consequence? They will take their students elsewhere and destroy the young people’s hopes for a normal graduation. We will lose some revenue, but others from other countries will quickly replace the students. Our education system is second to none.
The physicians that we train for them will leave without graduating or completing their studies. As far as I am concerned, we should have been training more Canadian doctors in the first place instead of training Saudis and importing Doctors from other places. Why not start now? I know some bright young Canadians who will be happy to fill the empty spots at our Universities. The Saudis can keep their money, and we will not build a new auditorium or stadium every year. No great loss.
At this point, the gracious Saudi prince did not decide to stop exporting oil to Canada. It would be generous if we didn’t have our own oil, which we do in Alberta. If we stop buying oil from the kingdom that financed Al-Qaeda, we could convince our brothers and sisters in the east to allow a pipeline from Alberta and use it until we convert to cleaner energy. Jobs jobs and more jobs.
The big fear is that the Saudis will cancel the Harper Government’s deal to purchase our excellent armored vehicles. Trump will offer American tanks instead, and his weapon manufacturers friends will love him. Well, I will not. He is probably the one that is telling the Prince what to do. I would not cry over it.
 Ontario now under the capable leadership of Doug Ford is probably going to recuperate very fast. If not, we can offer to buy the vehicles for the Canadian Army to comply with Trump’s demands to spend more on defense. It will boost our land defense capabilities and will make it harder for Trump to even think about using military threats against us. Who knows, Trump and Putin may have discussed dividing Canada amongst themselves in their secret meeting in Helsinki. It was done to Poland when Hitler and Stalin had secret negotiations.
Overall, I don’t know if the offending tweet was sent on purpose to aggravate the young prince, in his elegant long rich robes, or if it just happened due to carelessness. I think that it serves a very good purpose. It showed us that our “friends” can’t be depended upon in times of trouble, and pointed out that we should use our own resources ahead of purchasing from others. It came at the right time. Shop locally as we say.
We can exchange some of our Saudi “visitors” for our arrested citizens, and we can tell the Saudis to keep their oil. They lost half of their savings recently, on the stupid, vicious war in Yemen, and they desperately need the money. We can keep them guessing by floating the idea that their mortal enemy Iran may be interested in our armored vehicles, which they probably are. Above all, we can show them that if they wish to make deals with Canada, they will have to negotiate with an Alberta woman minister which really hurts their pride. If they think they will bring us to our knees, they got a problem.
This is one person’s opinion.

Prince Mohammed Bin Salmon, Supreme leader and friend of the Trump family.
Beheadings are done in public in Saudi Arabia. They punish countries that talk about it.

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