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Magic, the power of belief.

Magic, the power of belief.

I had a heart to heart talk with my grandson who just graduated from grade two. I was trying to impress him with the idea that we can become good at anything if we learn and practice. He said that he was tired of practicing and wanted to quit after achieving moderate minimal results. What are you good at Emmet, I asked? “Pretending” was his honest answer. I felt like screaming. How can this young generation be so wrong? Yet I can’t be so sure that they are wrong and I am right. I remember doing it myself. Some people “specialize” while others prefer to be generalists. Both are human.

My grandchildren do things very different from what I used to do. They spend a great amount of time in front of screens, computers, tablets cell phones and occasionally TVs. Often it looks to me as if they are abandoning reality in favor of playing games on a flat tiny screen and pretending that it is a reality. Just about all of what I thought was important is unimportant to them. Their favorite outing is going to a place where kids play Virtual Reality. They are fitted with goggles and earphones, their hands hold controls and they move alone in a carpeted cubicle seeing things that I can’t see.

I have been studying matters of belief my whole life. All of our past is drenched in wisdom based on belief. It is in religion, philosophy, psychology, and everything else. I get a feeling that physical reality is based on thoughts and conviction. My reality is often different from your reality depending on our thoughts. We learn thoughts from each other, from society or from an inner source. We believe what is to us the truth, and to our amazement discover that it is not the truth to someone else. It is possible that an eight-year-old is correct and an eighty-year-old is wrong.

Thoughts, which are tiny electrical messages, create a variety of realities in the same place and at the same time. It can be created in a positive or attractive way or the other way, negative and unpleasant. “Thought often creates that upon it is directed.” It was Job who said, “For the thing which I greatly feared has come upon me” and he was right. You probably know from your own experience people who are led by a variety of fears and what they fear materializes in their lives. Dark magic I call it, but I have seen evidence that there is also white magic.

What happens in a person’s life often is the outcome of beliefs that sunk into the subconscious mind and in a mysterious way becomes part of his or her reality. Past generations noticed the fact and devised ways to use it. You may know people who try to change the future by reciting some words and repeating them many times. Some call it mantras or meditations. You definitely are aware of the power of marketing and advertising. Any lie can become truth if you hear it enough times said, Adolph Hitler.

We have evidence that humans believed in spirits, souls, mind, or simply subconscious for thousands of years. Nicola Tesla believed in spirituality but somehow saw a connection to high electrical frequency. Pretending is a children’s game. Adults do visualization and play with the intensity, frequency, emotional quality, and power of thoughts achieving results. I remember being a child and hearing stories about the use of Voodoo dolls.

There are also people who use physical means to influence supernatural forces. The western civilization discovered Yoga not very long ago, but it existed for thousands of years. Yoga is a name for “union” connecting participants to the divine. Dr. Alan Watkins became famous by teaching people how to use physiology to change feelings, thinking and ultimately behaviors. No-one knows how but there is a relationship between physical existence and spiritual forces.

The essence of life exists beyond the physical which can be detected by our built-in senses. It is felt by most people. Instruments can measure electrical impulses and physiological reactions but the thought is independent and exists forming emotions which influence our living environment that we call “reality.”

In my earlier life, we needed most of our energy to focus on survival and we had to learn, practice and sweat, to have food, shelter and all other means of survival. Now we are entering a new age. The work which produces sweat on our brows is diminishing and the pain associated with childbearing is becoming a choice. Some old covenants are noticeably changing and we are playing with powerful old forces that are new to humankind.

This is an age where people have to use mental abilities, use sense of justice and believe in powers superior to material existence or give the earth back. The Earth will remain but humans are optional.

Like a child, I try to pretend. I can still do it, but it’s hard to pretend with every aspect of the soul and the body that it controls. It can’t be done by force, only by creating a true belief. Do I create a reality with my beliefs? The latest discoveries in physics indicate that it could be. The tiniest particle of matter reacts to a human observer. The same basic building blocks of matter copy each other over great distances. 

I spent a lifetime learning and practicing what others have learned and practiced. Emmet wants to pretend and make up his own story so I am attempting to teach him what I know. You must pick something and become good at it. At the back of my mind, I hear a teacher from two thousand years ago saying that we must learn our faith from little children. Is it possible that I am wrong, and my grandson is right?

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