Friday, 24 August 2018

OUR Police.

A letter to the editor.

OUR Police.

In Fredericton, they’ve just buried two police officers who were murdered by a disturbed person.  The investigation will take place, and I predict the results, a person that should have had mental care but didn’t, killed our protectors.

Another officer was hit by a stollen truck in Calgary yesturday and is suffering in the hospital.

Some believe that Canada can make all guns disappear, but I don’t. Not unless we move Canada far away from the USA. We are better off the way it is. Good gun controls and a police force that is dedicated to protecting us.

So often stories about police abuse filter over our southern border, but most of the stories about our brave, very professional police, never even make it to the news. It is common, and we take it for granted. Perhaps we shouldn’t.

Two fine police officers a man and a woman were buried this week leaving their loving families behind to mourn. Those were Canadian police officers who protect Canadians day after day and hardly ever hear a thank you.

Constable Costello, 45, and Constable Burns, 43, were killed when they answered a call about shots being fired on the north side of Fredericton.

Well I thank the police, even if they give me a ticket if I break the law. I am thankful for the world famous police forces of Canada, and I am not ashamed to cry for the fallen fine police officers from Fredericton and their families and friends.

Thank you to our police officers in the Crowsnest Pass, to our local and national police people and those who lead them to be what they are.

As the thin golden sound of the trumpet dies, the loud bagpipes become silent, and fresh graves are left by the mourners, a country mourns.  Canadians love and appreciate our police.

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