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Will the last word ever spoken be why?

Will the last word ever spoken be why?

This was a song by Roger Whittaker a number of years ago. Will the last word ever spoken be “why”? A few months ago I walked into the Pass Herald and asked Lisa, the owner Editor of the paper, if she would like me to write a column. I said that I am tired of people assuming that we the people of the South West of Alberta are all politically Rightwing and stated that my articles would be controversial. Lisa said that controversy is good. Done. I am writing “The Simple Raven’s post,” and it is well received. There isn’t a day that folks don’t tell me how much they enjoy my post. One said that its too long but I am unable to express my opinions in a tweet. Sorry, my friend. There are enough people who state an opinion in a sentence or two, but I am not one of them.

Last week Lisa wrote her personal opinion in an editorial about the recent Ontario Provincial elections. The Pass Herald is neutral, but the editor is a person with opinions. I like to differ with her opinion on politics. Thanks to the Pass Herald being a free paper, not owned by corporate interests, (owned by Lisa) like the big news media organizations, I can.

Doug Ford didn’t win the popular vote in Ontario. His party was better organized and won the “first to post” system which should be done away with. Doug is lying since if all his promises are priced, which he refused to do, Ontario will be in worst debt then it would have been under an NDP government.

The editorial went on to say that hopefully in a year time the Ottawa government will be changed. I agree but wouldn’t change it to Andrew Scheer. In the last three years, steps were taken by the Liberals to help Alberta out of the economic problems created by oil prices falling; steps were taken to help families with financial issues, bring retirement back to 65, and above all correct some of the past injustice done to the original inhabitants of this land. Discrimination against none-Christian Canadians stopped and the useless austerity measures based on fictitious “going into debt” reasons reversed. Our economy is growing the fastest in the G7. Our great grandchildren will not be stuck with our debts and thanks to us placing a price on Carbon may not suffocate, be drowned or burned either. Are the Northern European countries suffering from crushing debt?

On the provincial front, I have the same take. I am not ready to simply convict the Notley government without looking at the evidence. I prefer the present government to the Redford government even if I have some problems with Rachel’s direction. I do like the fact that Alberta is leading all provinces economically again, even with the lower price of oil and the lack of access to markets.  Calgary is all under construction again, and unemployment is low. A lot has been done to help with daycares and living wages for the lowest paid workers didn’t increase prices as predicted. No, Mr. Kenney, you will not get my vote for any emotional reasons, you will have to prove that businesses are leaving Alberta because we didn’t decrease taxes on corporations, not just say so.

The big question always is who is better to create an environment that will make life better for most people without killing the business initiative and without starving the poor and less able amongst us. The business is the driver of our economy and the government must ensure that we live up to our Christian moral code. In my opinion, business should take the lead for growing the economy while government must regulate how much profit business is permitted to take from workers.

If it were up to me I would not allow corporations to be equal to people. A person (Corporation) with only one directive, to increase wealth for shareholders, is an enemy of the people.  A political party that is dedicated to the well being of corporations at the expense of people, is not my party. I was a Progressive Conservative but I can no longer support the party since they abandoned my kind. If they are openly the political organization for the corporations, they will have to go without the workers and small family businesses. If they think that all Christians will join them because they restrict abortions and condemn gay people, I wish them luck. Let's count the votes on election day.

By the time Alberta votes again the country will have seen how Doug Ford will cut taxes by five billion and solve hospital waiting lines as well as improve public education without firing people or increasing the Ontario deficit. If he fulfills his promises, good, and if not, he is just another Trump. I predict that Ford will stand in front of the cameras, call us “his friends” and blame everybody else for his failure to fulfill his promises.

We have the ability to provide all of us with all the basic needs, especially if we don’t spend so much on wars. I will vote for someone who will help my community, and who cares about people. We have the teachings that say “love each other as yourself.” The only question is what motivates us to do what we do and why. Will the last word ever spoken be why?

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  1. Driving through Crowsnest Pass for the first time ever, I picked up a copy of the Herald. I'm just know getting to read your Post from the June 20th issue. I think pretty much the same way you do on Ford in Ontario, or in my case, Trump in the USA. So has Ford done anything that could be called positive by now. I don't hear that much down here in Texas where it is very hot and extremely humid. Or first cool weather should arrive in the morning.


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